New String this Spring?

Photo Source: Midwest Sports

A lot of players do not put nearly as much effort into trying out or selecting new string as they do picking a new racket. This is quite a mistake and every player should invest some time and money exploring which one works best for them.

  • Natural Gut is the softest string on the market. It offers really good feel but it has a short lifespan. So unless you are sponsored by Babolat or Luxilon, it might not be the most feasible option. If you do not play many hours per week this might be a good option, particularly if you have a lot of arm problems. First choice would be VS Touch Natural Gut.
  • Multifilament strings are not as soft as gut, they feel more elastic, but still much softer than poly. Price wise they affordable to general tennis population and more resistant to breakage compared to natural gut. Players might want to try Velocity MLT.
  • Polyester has characteristic of a firm and resilient string, good for players looking to hit heavy topspin with fast swings. Yonex came out with an excellent version of string called Poly Tour Air, which has monofilament core but plays softer than regular poly.

Source: String Special Tennis Magazine.

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