Ezone 100

Yonex launched a new Ezone during the Australian Open 2020. There are several options when picking your favorite;

  • Ezone 98 (305g/10.8oz)
  • Ezone 98L (285g/10.1oz)
  • Ezone 100 (300g/10.6oz)
  • Ezone 100L (285g/10.1oz)
  • Ezone 100SL (270g/9.5oz)
  • Ezone 108 (255g/9.0oz)
  • Ezone 105 (275g/9.7oz)
  • Ezone Game (255g/9.0z)
  • Ezone Feel (250g/8.8oz)
  • Ezone Ace (260g/9.2oz)

If you are an advanced level player you will most likely find your perfect match in EZONE 98 or EZONE 100, depending on head size preference. If you are just starting out EZONE SL might be a great fit, especially for women players. Competitive junior level players that are just moving up from 26′ might be inclined to go for either Ezone SL or Ezone L. For adult newcomers that are looking for economic option Ezone Ace, Feel or Game are great choices. Overall, all of them are great choices and feel more plushy and softer than previous Ezone models.

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